13 of My Favorite Push Up Variations

No matter how strong or advanced you are, push ups should be a mainstay in your training, regardless of your goals. When it comes to bang for your buck exercises, you can’t really beat them. While traditional old push ups are great, there are a gazillion different ways to perform depending on how advanced you are. Here are 13 of my favorite variations:

  1. Valslide Push Up Flye
  2. Hindu Push Up
  3. Spider-Man Push Up
  4. Band Resisted Push Up
  5. Feet Elevated Push Up
  6. Medicine Ball Push Up
  7. Weighted Push Up
  8. Lateral Crawl With Push Up
  9. Inchworm With Push Up
  10. 3 Point Push Up
  11. Feet Elevated Push Up on Parallette Bars
  12. Inverted Push Up
  13. TRX Push Up + Knee Tuck

Try some of these during your next training session and let me know what you think. And don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel¬†for more videos of exercises, coaching points, and training ideas.

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