3 Things to Make You Smarter, Healthier, and Happier

The Two Keys to Permanent Fat Loss by Dr. Jade Teta

Losing fat isn’t easy by any stretch, but it’s not a complicated formula, either. Create a calorie deficit, strength train to maintain your muscle, and get shredded, right?

Unfortunately 90%+ people who lose weight gain it back within a few years. Why? Because they aren’t adhering to these 2 principles.

Everything We Know About Exercise and Depression by Brad Stulberg

I’m certainly no mental health expert, but it’s widely accepted at this point that exercise is beneficial in the battle against depression. Instead of prescribing it in treatment plans, though, it’s usually passed over for therapy and drugs.

This well written article makes a case as to why and how exercise should be in the mix if you or someone you know battles depression.

20 Helpful Tips For The Squat by Jim Wendler

Jim squatted 1000 pounds, so he knows a thing or two about squatting. These 20 tips will help you to a stronger, safer squat whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned veteran.

Did reading this clear up any confusion? Change your mind about anything? If so, I’d appreciate you sharing it and/or giving your thoughts below!

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