Double Your Chin Ups in 30 Days

A well executed set of strict chin ups is a thing of beauty.

But like white whales, unicorns, and mermaids, they’re rare to see in the flesh.

The problem most people have is they take every single set of chin ups to absolute failure, then kick, swing, or “walk the imaginary stairs,” to try to squeak one more ugly one out.

You wouldn’t do this on presses, rows, or deadlifts, but for whatever reason, this is how I see most people eek out their chins every time they grab a bar.

And they never get any better at them.

I’ve had countless clients double their chin up numbers with this 30 day program, and I personally added 10 reps to my chin up total the last time I did it and hit 31.

It’s so simple, it’s hard to believe it works until you do it yourself. But like Dan John says, simple doesn’t mean easy

You’re going to have to be consistent. Like every day consistent, or it won’t work, so pony up 16 bucks and buy yourself a doorway chin up bar for your house on Amazon.

 There are only 3 rules to the program:

  1. Do them Every. Damn. Day.
  2. No grinding reps. Keep each set easy and save plenty in the tank.
  3. Eliminate all other pulling movements from your training program over the next 30 days, outside of maybe some light face pulls or pull aparts in your warm up.

On Day 1, do 10 chin ups, split up over the course of your day. Remember, keep them easy. If you can do 5 perfect chin ups to start, maybe do 3 sets of 3 and a single one. 

Then, on Day 2, do 11, total. On day 3, do 12, and so on. Keep adding a single chin up every day for 30 days.  

That’s it.

I’d recommend that you vary your grip from set to set, or at least day to day, as you’re going to start accumulating a lot of volume quickly, and you want to keep your elbows and shoulders from getting banged up. Alternate between palms facing you, a neutral grip, and maybe a few overhand reps from time to time.

After 30 days, take 5 days off, then test your max reps. I guarantee that it goes up.

This is one of those, “It looks so easy on paper,” type of programs, but the fact of the matter is that you’re going to be doing 91 chin ups over the first week alone.

Over 30 days, you’ll have hit 735 “easy,” reps.

The best way to do this is to just do a handful each time you go through the doorway in your house that the bar is set up in, and on days that you’re in the gym, knock out a few between sets of your other lifts.

Just fight the urge to go too hard. The devil is in the details on this one, so keep them easy, be consistent, and watch your chin up number soar in just a month.

Did reading this clear up any confusion? Change your mind about anything? If so, I’d appreciate you sharing it and/or giving your thoughts below!

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