About Scott Hansen

I’ve been helping people to live their strongest lives for 15 years.

Over that time, I’ve learned from some of the best trainers, coaches, and mentors in the world. Now I’ve developed my own system for helping people like you get stronger, leaner, and more confident than they ever thought possible. 


By cutting through the clutter and garbage fitness myths that are being pounded into you from all angles.

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a little history . . . .

As a chubby, insecure kid who wanted nothing more than to be a great athlete, I bought into every gimmick and fad you can imagine trying to get an edge. I wasted a lot of blood, sweat, and tears trying out training methods that left me broken down, weak, and injured.

Needless to say, I was turned off to what the fitness industry was all about at a pretty early age.

Eventually, I realized the only thing that was actually helping me have any success was effort, attitude, and perseverance. Luckily, those were free.

Combine those qualities with trial, error, and learning from the best in the business for a decade and a half, and I’ve been able to find what works to get people of all ages stronger, more muscular, leaner, and more athletic.

Training and Certifications

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from Old Dominion University

15+ Years of Training Experience

On my blog and in my newsletter, you’ll find a lot of content about:

  • Getting in great shape in 3-5 hours per week
  • How to train hard around old injuries
  • Simplifying your training to maximize your results
  • Ditching the fad nutrition and finding what truly works best for you
  • How to see through fitness myths that many people think are 100% factual
  • Learning how to harness your mind, emotions, and feelings to be more in control of your life
  • How to set yourself up to live an adventurous and fulfilling life


Here are some things I really like

  • New England Sports
  • Surfing
  • Hiking
  • Training
  • My dog Zeus
  • Old School Hip Hop, 90’s Grunge Bands, and Kenny Chesney
  • All of the stupid comedies from the early 2000s like Road Trip, American Pie, and Old School

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