Unknown-1We see it every Monday-bros in tank tops lining up to get on the bench, pumping out 135 for 10, jumping to 185 for 8, then making the jump to 225 and getting 3 or so with their ass a foot off the bench like they’re trying to get the ceiling pregnant.

Each and every week, they come in and try to squeak out 1 more rep, but to no avail. They’re perpetually stuck and their bench hasn’t moved one iota since Dubya was in office.

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“Scott is world class and not only was he an amazing trainer, but he’s a positive influence I’ve added to my life to help me get mentally to the next level. Grateful is an understatement.”-MH

“The training with you has made me faster and stronger. It used to take me hours at the gym to get the result I got with your program working out only 3 days a week.”-TS

“Training with you over the last several years has had such a positive effect on my  wellbeing/strength/mobility, and my general health, and I feel the benefits every day.” -MM