Success Stories


“I think that most may think doing an online training program means the coach can send you a workout and leave you high and dry, but in my training with Scott he has been involved every step of the way getting me to my fitness goals. He has my highest recommendation if you’re seeking an online training program with a person who cares about their clientele and puts their goals first.

Janet (-54 pounds!)

“Scott is a top rate coach and trainer  – he takes time to get to know you and understand what your goals are, then works with you to translate these into a realistic (but challenging) training plan, which balances your other life commitments.

I travel a lot internationally and have found on-line training with Scott very helpful – I can take my personal training plan anywhere with me – using a shared file on my phone to track progress, which also has links to each exercise so that I can check out my form real time.

In addition to the plan, Scott backs this up with weekly check in’s and regular phone calls to discuss progress, answer any questions, and coach you through any challenges you may face.

I highly recommend the on-line training and coaching plan with Scott – if you want to get back to training and reach your fitness goals, but not sure where to start – Scott is your man.”


“This program is as close to a PED without testing positive.”

Chris (increased his bench from 275 to 300, squat 365 to 410, and deadlift from 425 to 465 in 12 weeks at 185 pound bodyweight!)

“I reached out to Scott knowing that I had exceeded the well of experience I had been drawing from for the past 20 years and that it was going to take a new perspective, a new way of thinking about the same old road traveled to get me where I needed to be. 

Scott listened to where I was, what I was doing and where I wanted to be and was able to diagnose fault lines in my program that would continue to trip me up unless dealt with.  He worked with me to construct a 12 week program that fit around my lifestyle and never had me feeling like I sacrificed too much of my life in blind expedience for a result.

The results ultimately spoke for themselves: A 45 pound increase on my back squat, 25 pound increase on flat bench and a 40 pound increase on my deadlift.  Plateaus smashed and a level of strength I had never experienced. The real litmus test was getting back on the mats and knowing I was the strongest person in the room (a claim I was never able to make before).  As I mentioned to Scott toward the tail end of our test week: This program is as close to a PED without testing positive.”


“Honestly, after this program I’m not sure if I can call what I’d been doing before training!”

“I just wanted to share a quick note Scott … I’m so glad I decided to work out with you as my personal trainer. It’s really great how easy your workouts were at the beginning and gradually you upped my level of workout. I never had any problem with any of my exercises. The training with you has made me faster and stronger.

It used to take me hours at the gym to get the result I got with your program working out only 3 days a week. Now it’s almost like second nature and all exercises seem easier. I wish I knew it was that simple. Thank you for your help.”


“Scott is world class and not only was he an amazing trainer, but he’s a positive influence I’ve added to my life to help me get mentally to the next level. Grateful is an understatement.”


“The training with you has made me faster and stronger. It used to take me hours at the gym to get the result I got with your program working out only 3 days a week.”


“Training with you over the last several years has had such a positive effect on my wellbeing /strength/mobility/ and my general health, and I feel the benefits every day. I plan to continue with training although I am convinced that I will not be able to find someone with your knowledge base combined with a supportive and professional attitude. Thank you for your follow up each week after my sessions to insure I felt good and monitoring my food intake with me.   
I continue use your ideas and training techniques when I go to the gym (not as much as when I saw you at least twice a week, but I will re-focus now) and remember your tips to have a great work out and see the results develop.”


“My experience with Scott’s online training has been phenomenal. He is very proactive and follows up at least weekly to ensure that your training plan is going smoothly.  He makes himself available for questions and responds quickly.  His priority are his clients and he ensures that your training plan allows you to exceed your fitness goal. 


The four year period of working with Scott completely altered and changed my life for the better. Scott helped to greatly increase my athleticism, through building my strength, explosiveness, muscular endurance, coordination, and aerobic capacity. Rapidly my on-ice performance improved and I made varsity easily the following season. First, I quickly became the strongest kid in my high school class, and then not too long after I became the strongest in the school.

He also taught me the theories behind his programming, biomechanics, physics, food and diet knowledge, and even some biochemistry, which was really helpful.


Scott is unbelievable at working around my injuries and in the time I have trained with him I have had 1 pregnancy and 1 broken wrist. Scott was able to keep me moving and on track. Both with his amazing (and creative work arounds) but by being truly mindful of my limitations while still being able to push me toward my health goals.

I can’t say enough about his dedication to checking in and motivating me to get my a^$ into the gym on a consistent basis as well. He is a true professional and a gem.